King Street Community Church (Oshawa, ON) recently opened a newly expanded facility, and where there is a new building, there needs to be new signage! As a graphic designer, I rarely get to work on a project where the final product is three-dimensional. So, when I get the opportunity to work on signage, my heart really flutters!

Aside from general labels and directionals, a special focus needed to be paid to their café where visitors and attenders would get a chance to meet and connect after services. With extremely high ceilings and a wall of only windows, the challenge was to create a space where the café didn’t feel puny in the generous expanse. We planned banners that hung from the ceiling to just above the café frontage. Block lettering hung to identify the space and communicate its function.

Here’s a look at the plans and the finished signage in the context of their settings. Thank you King Street for the opportunity!