A bit about me

Kathy Jimenez

I’ve had a love for visuals since childhood. Being accepted in Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 10 and then attending Earl Haig Secondary School, I’ve been well trained in various mediums of the visual arts for fourteen years. Indeed, it has been a lifelong love.

After high school, I pursued theological education and became employed at a local church after graduation just doing basic administration for the youth programs. This is where I discovered that I could implement all of my knowledge and experience about fine art together with technology. I began designing PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations, newsletters, logos and whatever else that could be beautified. My job description evolved and evolved to the point where my experience is now very diverse: administration, video, web, promotions, social media managing, information technology, logo designing, branding, print designing and layout artist.

Now, when working with my clients – from the small business owner of one, to Maple Leaf Foods – my joy is in delivering exactly what you are looking for by drawing from everything I know. I work hard at understanding your vision and creating something as unique as what you represent.

Born, raised and live in Toronto, Canada with my husband (independent filmmaker), and our little family.

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